How the link technology works

The Link technology incorporates many complex processes that allow calling another country at the lowest rates.

Suppose you want to make a call from Russia to Portugal, a minute of direct call (via code +351) will cost you about 7-10 rubles, it may be not too much for a single call, but what if you have friends or relatives in Portugal, or you are a business with a branch in Lisbon?

It will surely be more profitable to call via a link according to the domestic rates of your operator.
This technology has been created for situations like that. When you create a link, you enter a usual Portuguese number, save the contact in your personal account, and the number is automatically saved as a Moscow city number, thus, roaming is removed, and you can call Portugal by the local rates of your mobile operator.

However, if you are calling through the app by directly dialing the number, the rates will be according to our rate plans, 18 cents to PSTN, and 2.53 rubles to mobile numbers in Portugal.

Detailed instruction for link creation via personal account or through the app in available in the section with instructions.