Roaming Within EU Goes Free

The law on the termination of international roaming charges within the EU countries has come into force. Jean-Claude Juncker, the Head of the European Commission, called this day historic

Roaming Within EU Goes Free

Since Thursday, June 15, 2017, the European Union has terminated roaming charges for subscribers of mobile operators. The European Commission issued a special statement on this matter the day before.

“The European Union is about bringing people together and making their lives easier. The end of roaming charges is a true European success story. From now on, citizens who travel within the EU will be able to call, text and connect on their mobile devices at the same price as they pay at home. Eliminating roaming charges is one of the greatest and most tangible successes of the EU,” the document reads.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the Head of the European Commission, called the day of termination of roaming charges historic. He wrote about this on his Twitter. "Goodbye roaming! Historic day tomorrow as roaming charges in the EU will become a thing of the past," Juncker wrote.

The European Union has been approaching this decision for about a decade. The European Parliament approved the bill on the termination of roaming charges on October 28, 2016. On April 25, 2017, the Council of the European Union confirmed the termination of roaming charges for the Europeans since June 15, 2017. As the accompanying documents mentioned, the cap markup that local mobile operators will be able to charge the foreign mobile companies for servicing their customers on their territory within the EU since June 15 will be €0,032 per minute of conversation and €0.01 per SMS. Price for the usage of mobile Internet abroad (within the EU) will gradually decline – from € 7.7 per 1GB this year to €2.5 per 1GB in 2022.