Why VoIP telephony is cheaper?

In addition to the functional advantages of VoIP telephony over conventional telephone networks, there is also a major financial advantage, VoIP telephony is several times cheaper. The reasons for this are discussed below.

The main difference lies in the principle of the operation of telephone networks and VoIP telephony networks.
The greatest differences are observed in long-distance and international calls.

In ordinary telephone networks, the far away the country from you, the more expensive the final amount is. Such a sum consists of consecutive payment to operators of various levels. Therefore, it is required to pay for the use of the channel at every «link» of this chain. And if regional operators can still be quite cheap, then the use of long-distance and international channels is always associated with high costs, often unacceptable delays and varying quality of communication.

Similar problems are unknown to VoIP telephony. Communication is via Internet channels, which are much cheaper than their telephone counterparts and much faster. In this case, the costs are only for the use of Internet channels and handy services.

Also, an important financial advantage is per-second charging. Unfortunately, many today underestimate the importance of this service. And the usual per-minute charging, imposed by telecom operators, does not seem to be unprofitable and simply stealing. However, the difference exists.

Another significant financial advantage is the filtering of the data stream of the conversation itself. Client applications for working with VoIP telephony send only real conversational traffic. This means that the time during which the channel is silent (the sound level is below a certain threshold), then the data is simply not sent. This significantly reduces the amount of traffic sent through the communication channel. Thus, the company pays only a really useful talk time.

Summarizing, it is important to note that VoIP telephony is the most profitable in terms of financial terms already at the level of the principles of its operation. Therefore, wishing to reduce the cost of international calls, you should pay attention to VoIP telephony services.