Voipscan — cheap calls around the world

Telephone networks are losing customers in the favor of a more advanced solution — VoIP phone is a serious competitor! The new telecom technology via the SIP Protocol allows making calls from anywhere in the world at competitive prices. This technology is used by commercial companies, organizations and individuals.

Cheap calls abroad via Voipscan

The main activity of the Voipscan Company is ensuring connection in the international format with the use of VoIP telephony. Customers also have access to additional services, like two way communication and other opportunities. This service allows making return calls free of charge.

The list of additional services is constantly expanding. Information about additional services is available in your personal account, and they may be enabled there. Access to the personal account is granted after the simple registration, which can be completed through e-mail or a mobile phone.

Why people choose Voipscan?

Voipscan offers its clients the following advantages:

  • simplified registration;
  • high quality of connection;
  • the constantly expanding list of services;
  • free technical support;
  • cost of call calculator;
  • additional bonuses;
  • call simplicity.

Connection is ensured by modern fiber-optic lines — in fact, the call is made via the Internet; however, customers do not need any additional equipment, except for a mobile or a PSTN phone. Should you have any difficulties with connection, you can contact specialists of our technical support service, who will quickly solve any problem.

Using the calculator, you can easily calculate the cost of your call. Check the cost of a call to any country, and compare this cost to the proposals of most known operators. You will see that Voipscan offers great rates! Voipscan coverage area includes over two scores of countries, including countries in Europe, Asia and the CIS.

Upon registration, the user’s account is credited with 100 rubles for making calls. Making calls is very easy: the user’s personal account contains an instruction that consists of three simple steps. Use Voipscan and save on international calls without compromising the quality!