New mobile application VoipScan

Welcome a new application from VoipScan company! You can download it from the App Store or  Google Play and start communicating right now.

The VoipScan application is a modern analog of such software as WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype. Our application ensures free communication between its users; there is also a chat feature.

The differences between VoipScan and its counterparts

  • You can call any number at the lowest prices. If your bank is in another country, and permanent calls cost you too much, then our application will save you a serious amount of money. Download and try for yourself!
  • If you or your interlocutor have a bad internet connection for a free call, this is not a problem. The program will automatically call back to normal phone within 15 seconds, the call will be paid, but the price will be lower than that of analogues.
  • With the help of the application you can change your voice in the settings section.
  • None of the existing applications gives you the function of calling abroad without the Internet connection. At the top of the keys menu there is an icon of a little man with «+" sign — press it to open your notepad. After selecting the phone number, you will receive an SMS with your local number. If there is no Internet connection, dial this number and you will automatically call the selected contact; your number will show as local (domestic number of the country) so that your contact will also be able to contact you back.

VoipScan is a free application for making calls and chats featuring more convenient and cheap function of calling any numbers.

If you want to keep in constant touch with contacts from different countries, VoipScan is all you need.