How to make a free call via my PC

Now you need no phone to call your relatives or friends. With your PC, headphones and microphone you can easily call to any place. Despite the fact that almost anyone may access Internet in our country, not everyone knows whether calls to cell phones are available via PCs. We may confidently say yes and offer our friendly-user service. This service enables calling via your PC to any phone with a per minute payment.

How to call to a phone via my PC?

You should register on to make calls via your PC. You must specify your name, email and create your password in the registration form. Then, you will go to your Personal Profile and may use our services in full. In addition to calls from your PC (via your browser), you may call as usual — using your cell or fixed phone, as well as using special software. However, to make a call via your PC, you should use your browser. It means that you do not need to download additional programs or applications. You just specify the dialed number in the service window and press the Call button.

How to call online to a phone via my PC?

If you want to make a call via your PC to your friend, relative or colleague, but you fail to top up your account, please register with VOIPSCAN and get a bonus.

You can test your connection and call for free.

Further, you may top up your account by various payment methods: Visa or MasterCard and PayPal. You choose how to pay and stay connected. Please register and get a bonus to your account for free calls to any phone via your PC. Cheap calls via your PC even to the most remote countries!

Calls via your PC: service advantages

VOIPSCAN is a certified VoIP provider. Relevant Internet protocols are used for this type of communication. They enable to reduce prices and increase quality of international communications. Choosing our services you may take advantage of:

  • high technologies;
  • innovative equipment;
  • low prices;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • wide functionality.

If you are looking for how to call online via your PC to any phone and you have chosen VOIPSCAN, then you need to:

  • Complete your registration;
  • Go to Call Page in your browser;
  • Enter the country code and dialed number.

How to call to cell phones via Internet?

You may always choose the optimal type of your call. For example, if your cell phone battery is discharged and you cannot dial, you may call via your browser. This is very simple. Just plug your headset and log in. In Dialing Services, find Call via Browser button. Then, just enter the dialed number.

As you may see, it is so easy to make a phone call via your PC. Register, login and communicate with your friends, relatives and colleagues at low prices!