Choosing telephony: IP telephony or an analog line?

What does success of a business depend on? It depends on efficiency of employees, adequacy of management, the demand for the company’s goods and services, and, of course, on the quality of the phone connection.

The latter may be organized in two different ways. The first one is installing a regular analog phone line in the office, which is familiar to everyone from the childhood. The second one is connecting to a VoIP provider.

Easy and expensive

An analog phone system is a time-tested method of communication. Its advantages include the relative ease of installation. Meanwhile, its disadvantages include high cost of long distance calls, impossibility to preserve the number in case of moving, difficulty connecting additional devices, etc.

Communication of the future

An alternative to analog PBX is IP telephony. Virtual telephony means:

  • Advantageous rates. Especially for international/long distance calls;
  • The ease of connecting multi-channel numbers;
  • Absence of binding to the same room/building/town, etc.
  • High quality of connection;
  • An impressive package of additional services (video call, online conference, etc.).

The most friendly operator

To take advantage of all benefits of IP telephony, you have to find a reliable operator. For example, like the VOIPSCAN Company, which, by the way, is asking users to rate the quality of connection free of charge, at the expense of the operator.

To become a customer, you only have to register at the website, and log in to your personal account. A special calculator will help you to choose your rate plan, and our technical support professionals will help you with setting up your account.

The list of VOIPSCAN services is constantly expanding. With that, the basic package does not have a monthly fee, which is most welcome.