Cheap calls to USA

Cheap calls to USA

SIP telephony is an effective link of the latest generation, which, in addition to the ability to make telephone calls using the Internet connection as well as providing other, additional services not provided for in traditional communications.

To use SIP telephony, only access to high-speed Internet and device for communication, for example, IP phone, smartphone or computer with a headset is required. SIP telephony allows to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world at affordable prices. SIP technology is vital for companies with offices and subsidiaries in various states of USA and the world as well as for convenient work with foreign partners.

Advantages of SIP telephony:

  • Excellent communication quality;
  • Wide availability and flexibility;
  • Stable communication of high quality;
  • Favorable rates.

The most accessible communication

The given service, first of all, will interest business people, as they will have an opportunity to organize economical communication between employees, even if they are in different countries. In addition, the employee can receive calls addressed to the company’s phone, while not in the office, but, for example, on a business trip or at home.

The main positive qualities of SIP telephony are cheap international and long-distance communication, besides the possibility to make inexpensive calls to mobile numbers. Due to the fact that SIP-telephony has multi-channel virtual telephone numbers, several employees can simultaneously call and receive calls using one phone number. The fee is charged for one phone number, regardless of the number of lines used, this significantly reduces the company’s monthly costs.

Another advantage of SIP telephony is simple and fast forwarding of calls from corporate number to different mobile or city numbers. Thanks to the «video call» function, it becomes possible not only to see, but also to hear the interlocutor.

SIP telephony is required not only to organize communications in business structures, but also in home use.

As a result, it is possible to put a home phone in one day, keep the number when you move, to make cheap calls in USA and abroad. The geographical freedom of SIP telephony, in the form of cheap Internet calls is great for tourists and business people.