Cheap calls to Great Britain and international calls

Calls to friends, relatives and beloved living abroad may cost you a small fortune. On average, calls to Great Britain cost about 0.9 Euro per minute and the tariffs of separate cellular providers may reach even 1.5 Euros. However, if you want to make cheap calls to the UK, it is worth finding a cheaper way.

Below we will consider all ways how to call to the UK at a low price:

  • Free calls via Internet
  • Cheap calls to Great Britain via your cellular provider
  • The lowest tariffs for calling to the UK via your fixed phone

Until recently, cellular providers have used to be a key means of communication. They have imposed their own prices for international calls and debited huge amounts for every conversation minute. Now cellular communications have taken a back seat and are mainly used for local calls.

What calls do you make to the UK?

Let’s describe the main factors for making calls to the UK. Indeed, an optimal call will depend on many factors, including the place where you call from, the way you make your calls, frequency and preferable tariff.

Firstly, pay your attention to free calls. There are several ways to make a free call to the UK.

One of the most popular ways is to call via Internet. The World Wide Web is accessible almost everywhere — in your phone, in public transport, at home, in cafes and restaurants, etc. Using such applications as Skype or Viber, you may immediately reach a friend from the UK. However, this way of communication has its drawbacks because you must comply with the following rules to make free calls to the UK via Internet:

  1. Access to Internet.
  2. Sometimes you may not connect to the World Wide Web. It may happen while you are on a trip abroad, or in the underground, or due to poor cellular coverage in some areas.

  3. Similar software installed in your cell phone.
  4. We accustomed to using various messengers. People install the most popular programs. However, tastes are said to differ, and everyone has his/her own preferences while selecting a cellular producer. If your friend has not installed the same mobile app, it may cause some inconveniences. This is a waste of time we lack in our everyday life.

  5. Quality of Internet connection.
  6. Cellular providers are trying to make the mobile Internet accessible everywhere and extremely fast. However, there are moments when you may be disconnected, e.g. when you are in the underground (by the way, in the majority of countries there is no connection at all).

  7. A smartphone or a tablet PC.
  8. Unfortunately, far from all are happy owners of «smartphones» that can be PCs. What to do in this case? The only way out is to find a PC and make a call, but it is not very convenient, is it? Perhaps, we also refer to fixed phones here. They have not been completely replaced by mobile gadgets.

Summarizing the information about free calls to Great Britain via Internet, we may say that all you need is a smartphone with sustainable access to Internet. The most optimal choice will be calls by using Wi-Fi connection.

Let’s go on considering all possible options for international calls.

Cheap international calls to Great Britain to cell and fixed phones

Many people have to call for free via Internet because they are not ready to pay much for their international calls. If you are one of them, we entirely agree with you! Phone communication is not something innovative, and it must be too expensive for a couple of minutes of conversation!

There are many various programs that help to replace conventional telephony and allow making calls to any country at a low price. If to make a survey on «The cheapest calls to cell and fixed phones through the application», many people would point to Skype, WhatsApp or Viber without hesitation! We will partially agree with them. These applications are globally used.

If you fail to make a free call, e.g., the person you want to call is offline or cannot use an application, you can still reduce the cost of your calls. Below you may learn about the technology that makes it possible to call even cheaper than by the above programs.

The lowest tariffs for international calls

Nowadays technologies are continuously developing and dramatically changing, and we try to keep up with them. VoIP telephony is a new and cheap way to call anywhere in the world at the lowest prices. You need only a cell or landline phone for communication.

Why is it cheap? It is because the applied Voice over IP technology is getting more and more popular, both in the corporate and consumer environment. VoIP is a technology when phone calls go through an IP data network — Internet or Intranet (the company’s own internal network). One of the main advantages is that it helps reducing the cost of international calls because calls are handled by the data network faster than the company’s telephone network.

We will also note another advantage of VoIP calls. This type of communication allows making call-backs. When you make a call to another country, your recipient will see the internal code of his/her country. In other words, the person who lives, e.g., in the United States will see + 1-212-123-45-67.

You may use such call options

  • From cell phone to a cell phone
  • From cell phone to landline phone
  • From cell phone to smartphone
  • From landline phone to cell phone
  • From landline phone to landline phone
  • From landline phone to smartphone
  • From smartphone to smartphone
  • From smartphone to cell phone
  • From smartphone to landline phone

As you can see, there are no restrictions in devices. You will not need any applications, just a phone to make calls.

We have made small comparisons between the famous brands for cheap calls and included our prices into the table for 15 countries:

USA0.01 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
China0.01 euro/min0.015 euro/min0.015 euro/min
UK0.004 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Spain0.004 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Israel0.004 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Italy0.004 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
France0.005 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Germany0.006 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Thailand0.008 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.16 euro/min
Hungary0.005 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Poland0.01 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.034 euro/min
Brazil0.01 euro/min0.022 euro/min0.025 euro/min
Canada0.01 euro/min0.022 euro/min0.022 euro/min
Australia0.013 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.025 euro/min
Russia0.02 euro/min0.017 euro/min0.027 euro/min

Application for the cheapest calls abroad

Recently, we have released our own application that allows making free calls via Internet. If you and your recipient have installed it, you can easily send free messages and make free calls. This program also determines whether you are connected to the Internet, and if not, your call will be automatically diverted to the relevant phone number.

If you stick to the old-fashioned way of calling, this information will be useful for you.

How to call to a cell phone in Great Britain

In the majority of countries, cell numbers are not geographically correlated; instead they have their own unique codes/initial numbers used throughout the country.

For example:

If you want to call to a number in the following mode: 07-***-***-***, you should delete 0 and dial the following combination: «country code» «international access code» «UK code» «your recipient’s number»: e.g., 011-44-7-***-***-***.