How to call online to cell phones

Formerly, it was not so easy to call online to a cell phone, especially outside your country. However, it is not a problem now!

VOIPSCAN is a service that stands a chance to become a game changer. It allows you to make international calls online and much more.

Need to call abroad but your provider charges a lot? Tired of expensive roaming? VOIPSCAN shall erase any barriers with no upcharges! Everyone may find it visiting our website. Please go to the Tariffs section to make sure of our low prices and affordability for everyone.

How to call online to cell phones

How to call online to local phones?

You should register with us. Please fill all the required fields in and create your password. After registration you will get your bonus — 1 euro for approbation and verification of our services. Simple and convenient navigation helps you to understand the VOIPSCAN functions at once.

Any questions? Please contact our technical support and you will know how to call online and what you need to do.

How to call online?

You should create My Contacts in your Personal Profile. Specify your number from which you will call, and contact details of your friends, relatives or colleagues. Anyone you want to call to. You will be able to call online to any local phone, or contact any government office abroad, or a consulate, or just book a hotel.

Login and call online via your browser. The microphone in your desktop or tablet should function properly. Install our mobile app and work faster and more efficiently. Please see Video Guide at our website to understand all the details.

By the way, if both you and your recipient install our app, you may call online free of charge. Just save your money. Moreover, you may call both online and offline! Please specify your cell phone number in your Personal Profile. Then you will receive notifications and may call offline by the relevant links.

Please tell your friends how to call online to local phones. The more users there are, the better the service is. Moreover, it will promote us to provide new services and make exciting offers.

Formerly, intercity calls had to be booked and expected; now you can easily call online to any place.

Some words of our charges

Please visit our website to find out about our tariffs. They depend on the country you are calling to. Thousands of users have learnt that our prices are the lowest. At your Personal Profile, you should deposit some money for calls by any method you choose.

Call online with VOIPSCAN! It is convenient and cheap. Save your money, but not your time while calling to your friends!