How is it advantageously to call home from a journey?

Going on a trip, it is always desirable to tear away from the usual reality. New countries, cities, traditions, people, places… Time flies very quickly, and so many still awaits unknown. However, regardless of the nature of the trip, impressions and news should be shared with relatives and friends — all phones today are available to all.

You have probably heard about roaming or even have experience of using it. Roaming is a standard service almost for all existing operators that allows to call and use additional services (SMS, Internet, etc.) in places where there is no coverage for «home» operator. In roaming, there are special conditions for charging, and their cost can be drastically different depending on the host country.

Our mobile operators rarely offer nice wallet tariffs. «MTS», «Megafon», «Beeline» companies estimate the cost of a call to Russia from foreign countries at 50–300 Rubles per minute, which is not particularly encouraging for people who are not used to speaking quickly. During the tourist seasons, operators traditionally have all kinds of promotions and discounts for international calls. However, they usually have small but significant limitations, through which people continue to look for alternatives.


More information about this technology can be found in another article. Let’s just say one thing: IP-telephony is the most profitable way to call home while on a foreign trip. However, here, too, there are certain nuances. First, there are a lot of services for making international calls via IP-telephony. An inexperienced person can get confused and choose not the best. Secondly, they usually require the installation of additional software. And although it is installed quickly and simply, many people are accustomed to give priority to what you can get «here and now».

We bring to your attention the most famous services with the help of which you can call home during trips to foreign countries:

skypeSkype — program works equally well on a computer or laptop, or on any mobile device running Android or iOS. With its help, you can generally communicate for free, if you call from Skype to Skype. Calls to mobile and fixed phones in Russia cost from 2 to 6.3 cents per minute, which is 10 times cheaper than operators in roaming.

skypeViber — ratification of international calls in Viber is not the lowest, but it is still much lower than what cellular operators can offer. In addition, users can exchange free messages and photos as well as call within Viber absolutely free. Like the two previous programs, Viber supports all popular platforms (Windows, iOS, Android).

As you can see, IP-telephony is integrated with other systems, which make it possible to make international calls profitable from a financial point of view.

Our service «» combines all the advantages of the above opportunities. It is also as cheap as Skype, does not require a permanent connection to the Internet and provides good quality of communication. It supports CallBack technology and is perfectly compatible with local sim cards.

Tourist SIM-cards

Real tourists tend to think about all the details of their trip in advance. And when you do not know for sure whether you will have access to the Internet, it is dangerous to completely rely on IP-telephony. In this case, a good option is to buy a special sim card for travelers.

Advantages of tourist SIM cards:

  • Benefits — more affordable tariffs than operators;
  • Universality — one sim card can be used in different countries;
  • Work on prepayment — you can replenish the account for any amount;
  • Free incoming — in most cases;
  • Additional services — Internet, SMS.

When buying such a card, the subscriber gets a new number, according to which it will be available almost anywhere in the world. Tariffs differ for different companies offering such cards, but, on average, they will have to pay from 10 cents per minute. This is much cheaper than mobile operators, but somewhat more expensive than different VoIP services. And on the numbers of tourist maps, as a rule, you can not redirect from your mobile number.

Using our service, you can easily make international calls, without buying a tourist SIM card, at the lowest prices. All you need is a phone number and the number of the called subscriber. The system will automatically determine the number for the call.

Bonus will serve such an opportunity as a call at your expense. Simply put, you can connect a service to a relative, create an internal country number in your account, and call at the expense of an interlocutor.